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Torrey Podmajersky

Camp Counselor

Content Design for Developers

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Monday, July 29, 2024 - 7:00 PM UTC, for 4 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: African 40


Words make your experience usable, lovable, recognizable - even intuitive. In this workshop, Torrey Podmajersky will show how the language we use and the structure it reflects affects every part of the experience. She’ll demonstrate tools and put you to work with practice on concrete examples, demonstrating a variety of ways content design can impact and influence your organization. You’ll make your words work as hard as any other part of the UX to drive engagement, conversion, and retention. Takeaways Where UX writing fits in (and how it’s different from) other kinds of content Patterns for writing UX, ready for your design system Methods for gauging the impact of content on customer and business goals A framework to align UX content voice to business principles Audience People currently responsible for words in the UX Owners of the product’s brand Leaders who want to ensure usable, loveable, recognizable experiences


20 mins: Intros & Activity: Initial writing exercise 15 mins: Direct instruction: What is UX writing, and what’s it for? 20 mins: Activity: Scoring content for usability 15 mins: Practice: Rewriting content for usability 5 mins: Break 30 mins: Direct instruction: Patterns and examples for content components 30 mins: Practice: Designing with patterns 5 mins: Break 25 mins: Direct instruction: Voice: A brand design system for UX language 25 mins: Practice: Rewriting content for voice & cementing learnings 5 mins: Break 30 mins: Direct instruction: Processes of content design 15 mins: Q&A, debrief, and feedback


The geek should know what it's like to use or to have made a hard-to-understand user interface.

Take Aways

  • Patterns for writing text in user interfaces
  • A framework to align user interface text to the brand promise
  • What UX writing is, and how to do it
  • Methods for gauging the impact of content in the UI
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