Getting Started

Welcome to THAT!

Here at THAT, it's our mission to help foster the best community of geeks on this planet. Our vision, create an interactive platform connecting Geeks and Geeklings across the globe in such a way they can help one another whenever and wherever regardless of topic or format.

We created THAT to fill a gap between the times when we cannot physically connect. We believe peer-to-peer learning is one of the most powerful ways we can help one another any day of the year.

The What

Let’s say you want to have a code review or a design review, great. Maybe you want to share your experience with the latest JavaScript framework or seek some geek parenting advice. There are no limits, there are no artificial boundaries. Just people helping people be awesome.

In short, anyone, at any time can create what we call an Activity. The format of an Activity is simple, a video call in the browser, no tools required. Every Activity has a chat window, you're able to share your desktop, your webcam and mic are enabled. Our goal is to create the best virtual face-to-face conversation possible but give you the room to have any type of conversation you need. We're grateful you're here and now we want to make sure you have the information you need to get involved with THAT.

Things you should know:


👋 Hi! I wanted to be the first person here to send you a very warm welcome to THAT. I'm excited to have you here and can't wait to collaborate more with you. If you need help getting started or just have any questions, please just ask us in the chat below.

Clark Sell
- Founder, THAT