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Hello, tech community! 👋 I'm Josh Rice, and I'm stoked to be attending THAT Conference. Here's a glimpse into my tech journey: 🌍 Journey through Tech: I've been on a dynamic exploration through the vast world of technology, delving into everything from coding and development to architecture and UX. By day, I wear the hat of Chief Technology Officer, but by passion, I'm a fervent advocate for staying on the cutting edge of what the tech world has to offer. 🤝 Why I'm Here: Attending THAT Conference isn't just about absorbing knowledge; it's about connecting with like-minded individuals who share the same curiosity and excitement for the future of tech. I'm here to soak in the latest insights, mingle with fellow enthusiasts, and perhaps stumble upon a few "aha" moments. 🎓 Sessions I'm Eager For: I'll be diving into a variety of sessions. From the latest trends to practical tips and tricks, I'm ready to absorb it all and bring back fresh perspectives to my day-to-day tech endeavors. 🔗 Networking and Beyond: Let's make the most of this experience! Whether you're a seasoned techie, a newcomer, or someone just as passionate about Flutter, I'd love to connect. Let's swap stories, share insights, and maybe even hatch a few innovative ideas together. 📍 Find Me at THAT Conference: If you spot someone with a genuine grin and an unmistakable curiosity for all things tech, that's probably me! Feel free to strike up a conversation, share your tech adventures, or let me know about can't-miss sessions you've discovered. 📱 Connect with Me: Let's extend the conversation beyond the conference! Connect with me on LinkedIn, and let's continue the dialogue around our shared passion for tech. Looking forward to an inspiring and knowledge-filled time at THAT Conference. See you there!


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