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Rashmi Venugopal

Camp Counselor

Renovate to Innovate: The Fundamentals of Transforming Legacy Architecture

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Tuesday, July 30, 2024 - 3:30 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 60

Engineering Strategy
Technical Debt
Software Development
Cross functional

Renovating old buildings and homes are commonplace, but why is technological renovation often overlooked? Incremental improvements help, until they don't. Just like a big home renovation adds to the quality of life, architectural renovation, when well executed, has an outsized impact on the pace of innovation. If this sounds like common sense, why is technological renovation frequently neglected or poorly executed? This talk is aimed at tackling these questions and more. In this talk, I share the common hurdles to tech renovation and how to overcome them. I take a first principles approach to defining good architecture and share my learnings on gracefully outgrowing technology and architectural choices, based on my experience scaling payment orchestration at Netflix to 250M members and preparing for the next 250M. You'll leave this talk equipped with cognitive frameworks for recognizing technological renovation opportunities and strategies for navigating a ground-up architectural revamp while unlocking innovation to drive business value. While good strategies and technical excellence are necessary, they are often not sufficient. I wrap up my talk by sharing the aspects of Netflix culture that are table stakes for the success of big cross functional and architecture oriented projects.


Targeted at developers. No specific prerequisite required. This will be best enjoyed by Mid-Senior+ Developers and Entry-Mid level Engineering leadership

Take Aways

  • Characteristics of good software architecture
  • Framework to recognize the need for a tech renovation
  • Technical, Organizational and Logistical hurdles to renovation and how to over come them
  • Elements of engineering culture that can supercharge the success of large projects
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