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Adam Kerr

Senior Principal, West Monroe Partners

Member Since January, 2020

Adam is software engineer with over two decades of industry experience. He specializes Microsoft technologies, notably relating to data-driven web applications. A strong proponent of serverless, cloud-based architecture, Adam has delivered cutting-edge solutions in both Azure and AWS. However, there is more to being a software engineer than just writing code. If he could, Adam would spend as much time in the garage and the woodshop as he does behind the keyboard. He believes it is important to display a sense of pride and craftsmanship in every line written. More importantly than simply writing code that works within design parameters and calling the job finished, good code should be self-documenting, testable, and as concise as possible without sacrificing readability. From a young age, Adam found a place in software that he could belong. Now, he believes it is his responsibility to make that place for everyone. He volunteers at STEM events for school children, and is part of West Monroe's Girls Who Code initiative. Adam has been attending That Conference since 2016, and loves the way it allows him to share his passion with his family, and the next generation.

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