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Shivay Lamba

Camp Counselor

Diving into Kubernetes

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Monday, July 29, 2024 - 2:00 PM UTC, for 4 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: African 40


The tutorial will be structured in a way where the speakers will start with an introduction to containers and why they exist in the first place, moving on to container orchestration and where Kubernetes fits in. They will then fast-forward it to the Kubernetes architecture and various building blocks that build up a Kubernetes cluster. The next portion will be Kubernetes objects, where the speakers will set up a cluster, create Pods and Deployments, and then expose the application to the outside world. This talk aims to explain Kubernetes and then deploy a sample application so that people can understand the complete flow and the rest of the conference becomes more meaningful for first-time attendees. All this will be live and hands-on, with attendees doing it simultaneously. This workshop will leave the attendees with a rich Kubernetes experience that they can go back to and apply within their current jobs and projects.


1. Introduction to Containers 2. Introduction to Docker 3. Introduction to orchestration 4. Introduction to Kubernetes 5. Kubernetes Architecture 6. Introduction to KillerCoda and Minikube 7. Intro to YAML format 8. Demos for all fio the above and showing example of how to use Minikube to deploy and manage containers in Kubernetes


Basic knowledge of cloud computing & containers is useful.

Take Aways

  • Learn how to get started with containers and Kubernetes
  • learn core concepts of modern day application development and deployment to cloud
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