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Jacob Astar

Camp Counselor

Intro to Embedded Rust with Micro:bit

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* First hour or so: Intro to Rust syntax and language features. * Next thirty minutes: Getting familiar with embedded programming, and the BBC micro:bit V2. Learning how to compile code, flash it to the board and interact with LED and buttons. * Remaining time: Building our game...calculating mine locations, taking in the actions of the buttons, displaying the results on the LED Array.


Rust will be pretty familiar if you come from other statically-typed languages, however, no programming experience is required for this workshop. We will start from zero! Note: I will bring at least 10 micro:bit V2's for participants to use during the session, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own if you'd like. The "Go Kits", which include the micro:bit, a battery holder, and USB cable, are roughly $20 and can commonly be found at stores like Amazon, Microcenter, Parallax, etc. You'll want to make sure you are getting the V2 version as the V1 has different sensors and a smaller LED array. I'll include several links for purchase in the resource section below. Reminder, having your own is totally optional as I will have some for folks to use during the session!

Take Aways

  • What embedded programing is
  • Basic syntax for the Rust programming language
  • How to compile code and flash it to a micro:bit microcontroller
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