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Joshua Berrios

Camp Counselor

Leadership THAT Doesn't Require a Title

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Tuesday, July 30, 2024 - 3:30 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 20

Personal Development
Life Skills

So many people believe that leadership is developed when you are a high-ranking official in the military, an executive at a Fortune 500 company, or in any high-level management role at a tech organization. I am here to debunk that and prove that leadership doesn’t require a title and is purely developed through expertise, executed with confidence, and managed with humility. During my time in the military from 2017 to 2020, I had the opportunity to demonstrate what I am capable of beyond what my rank and title in the military identified me as. Remember this throughout the session, a title does not identify your capacity nor does it limit your ability. In the military, my primary MOS (or Specialty) was to be a Motor Transport Operator a.k.a. Truck Driver. My duty as a truck driver was to transport supplies, troops, vehicles, container, etc. If it can get strapped on the back of a trailer or mounted, I moved it. But one day in 2018, still fairly new to my unit, we had to move from one motor pool to another. During the move, I was assigned to a detail in helping our communication specialist prep the offices with ethernet wiring. THIS RIGHT HERE…was my natural habitat. I love technology, specifically anything information technology and running cables. As I helped, the comms specialist noticed that I was a natural and proceeded to ask me questions about my background. Within our conversation, I told her that prior to the Army, I was a Satellite Technician for DISH Network. Her eyes opened wide and told a senior leader that she needed me to be assigned under her charge and be crossed-trained so I can perform IT and Radio Communication work for the unit. As time went on, I was seen as an authority in my new role despite being a truck driver on paper. I became sought after for training events, high-level inspections, and even given respect as a leader amongst my ranks (peers), all while being a Private First Class and then a Specialist. You see! LEADERSHIP does not come from the rank we wear on our chest, a title under our email signature, or even a position within our LinkedIn/Twitter profiles. LEADERSHIP is developed from the knowledge that you possess that others may not. LEADERSHIP is executed on the principle of a confident mission-oriented mindset, in which, its sole objective is to make an impact in the world. LEADERSHIP is managed with care that is driven by humility, knowing you are not an expert in everything and having the ability to learn from your peers no matter the level of their role in your organization. Most of all, LEADERSHIP also does not identify you but you identify it.

Take Aways

  • Everyone is a Leader in Something
  • Deliver your Expertise with Confidence
  • A Good Leader Recognizes their Flaws & Learns from Others
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